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   I make custom handmade knives from bar stock, Nicholson files, leaf springs and saw blades. There are no patterned or "cookie cutter" knives here. Each of my knives is unique and built with functionality and pride of ownership in mind. There are no show pieces here. There are plenty of guys out there that make "wall hangers", and while they are beautiful and cool, the real beauty lies in you having a good tool that can handle the task at hand.  
  I really like making hunting knives out of old files. These files like Nicholson, Arcade and Heller were made in the USA and are some of the best steel. It's high carbon 1095 steel that really works well for a hunting type multi use knife.

  Now anyone can run down to ChinaMart and buy a knife for $10. Cheap knives made in China are just that, junk that's cheap. If you're a hunter or sportsman you know the value of a good knife. A good heat treated knife made from 1095, 1080, CPM154 Stainless, S30v, 52100, O1, D-2  will last a lifetime with proper care. Sure high carbon steel will rust, but so will your gun if you leave it laying in the yard for a few days.

  Nothing is better than knowing that your new hunting knife was an American made tool. Now that tool is being recycled into a new tool. The pride of ownership that comes with owning something that has a history. The craftsmanship and passion that made it a tool the first time, is the same making it what it is today, a hunting knife.

If you see anything you like, shoot me a email at ciprints@yahoo.com and we'll talk about it. Thanks

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